Researchers have found more evidence that CBD (Cannabidiol) could be an effective cancer treatment, not just for alleviating symptoms, but for attacking the cancer itself. The study focused on CBD's apparent effectiveness against two of the most common cancers, breast and prostate cancer. They conclude their publication with this promising statement.

"As these findings lend to the increasing evidence of CBD as a potential viable, alternative, and less harmful treatment option against prostate and breast cancer, our current efforts are focusing on determining which death pathways (apoptosis, anoikis, necrosis) are triggered by CBD exposure."

To be fair, this study was presented by undergraduate Martin Olmos at the Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research (, so it is at best preliminary. Still, the faculty member who is a coauthor on the paper, Dr. Sylvia Lopez-Vetrone, has an impressive resume in cellular research.…/FALL_2018_CON…/LIFE_SCI_POSTERS/110/